Integra Med Analytics provides expert analysis to tackle fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare


Integra Med Analytics researches and investigates fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare. To maximize the impact of our research, we aim to share our findings publicly such as through academic papers and news articles. While we are not affiliated with the government, we may also file claims and/or present our findings to the government. Our practices include:

Statistical Analysis
We build models to detect and determine fraudulent activity with high statistical confidence. Our expertise with big data means we can extract, transform and analyze varied data to provide new and valuable empirical findings. Our econometric and regression tools include predictive modeling, causal inference and abnormality detection.
Forensic Review
We are experienced in analyzing a wide range of data to examine fraud. Our in-house forensic investigators are skilled at examining systems, processes and procedures associated with fraudulent activity.
Litigation Analysis
We provide start-to-end litigation support from discovery to expert report and testimony. Our team has extensive experience with high profile cases involving massive and complex datasets. By streamlining the discovery process that methodically catalogues the information, we can quickly and efficiently bring the relevant facts to light.




Dr. John M. Griffin is the firm’s chief expert and President of Integra Med Analytics LLC. Dr. Griffin holds an Endowed Professorship at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and has held visiting positions at Harvard and Yale. He has published numerous papers in the top finance journals. Dr. Griffin’s research focuses on forensic finance and the examination of potential fraud. Topics of his papers include: mortgage misreporting, credit ratings, market manipulation, insider trading, investment banking reputation, hedge fund performance, pricing models, and anomalies.

John M. Griffin Ph.D.

Professor of Finance
James A. Elkins Centennial Chair
McCombs School of Business
University of Texas at Austin


Our team of data scientists and forensic analysts work directly with our experts to analyze complex analytical problems in healthcare. We have a wide array of technical and domain expertise, with strong quantitative backgrounds and analytical experience. Our team includes PhDs and others with advanced degrees from the nation’s top schools. Our location adjacent to the University of Texas at Austin enables us to closely interface with the academic environment and gives us access to the university’s top intellectual talent.





We exist to restore integrity to the healthcare system by exposing fraud and aiding the defrauded.


We are a forensic data analysis firm located in close proximity to the University of Texas at Austin. We will always be truthful in our analysis and work only with those of whose cause we are convinced.



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